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Ever After
her royalty

michi. blogger. philippines.
twenty-something, and a self-confessed naive who tries to blog.

hey angels! welcome to my personal blog. you might have seen the preppy side of me, with my photoblog. apparently, the photos that i post there are really the things that i really, seriously, want to have. :D so anyway, i am not much of a talker myself so i prefer to write down whatever i want to say. someday, in the years to come, i would look back at the memories of a naive, young girl, who refuses to be lady-like and wear lipstick when everyone else does. i want to smile, frown, cry, laugh, and giggle at everything i post here. moments like these should be written down because it's priceless. :)

"she's that one girl who constantly talks about him."

things i’ve learned lately

i. sometimes, you can’t let go of something that easily no matter how much it’s hurting you. because you are afraid that something so beautiful like this won’t ever happen again. maybe i am wrong, or it’s just the state of mind that i am in right now. if i won’t let go, i know i wouldn’t be able to see that there is so much beauty in walking away and that i might be able to find something much worth keeping than this. but right now, i can’t let go. not yet. i might get hurt in the long run, yes i am sure about that. but i would like to give my heart more time. :)

ii. go out. take a deep breath. place your feet in the wall. put your headphones on. close your eyes. think of all the little things that make you happy. put up a collage in your mind. smile. you’ll feel better, i promise.

iii. there are things that are better left unsaid. and that what you don’t know won’t hurt you. it doesn’t sound right to play dumb. it’s just that i think things would be much easier if other people would just stop putting their noses into other people’s clothes. yes, i know some of them just want to help, i appreciate it. but being a little more sensitive won’t hurt too.

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